Farron Feiner



How long does it take to make a weaving?

Typically between 2-9 weeks. Depends on the size and the intricacy of the design. I try not to leave the studio, but am forced to on occasion. Please be patient with me during this process.


How big are the weavings?

Anywhere from 12" - 72" wide with varying lengths depending on your space and desires. I've been working on a lot of large scale commissions lately. The BIGGER the better.


Can I rush order my weaving? 

Nope! I can only work so fast. I'm happy to send you WIP pics at any point of the process though!


What's the process? 

Most of the time you request a color palette, give dimensions and tell me to do what I want (Thanks for liking my style, friends!).OR, you can provide me with dimensions, color palette and design, by referencing previous designs or sending me inspo pics. Then I'll sketch out your design and send you pics of a yarn color palette.

I'm happy to visit your space and have an in person consultation appointment for a $200 fee.